zaterdag 5 november 2016

New short story available

HOLLOW POINT is a 10,000 word lost story from an out-of-print volume. Set in 1984 New Orleans when Dino LaStanza and Jodie Kintyre are still partners in the Homicide Division, it is a hardboiled police story for only $2.99

The search is on for a heinous criminal. A rapist on early release from prison tracks down his victim and attacks her again. The New Orleans Police Department goes into a frenzy trying to find this man who shoots one of his cop pursuers and keeps running. NOPD Homicide Detectives Dino LaStanza and Jodie Kintyre set up a stakeout on a family member of the criminal and wait with their handcuffs and .357 magnums. LaStanza, a Sicilian-American living-example of the Wyatt Earp Syndrome – cops who kill criminals rather than apprehend them – has loaded his weapon with semi-jacketed hollow point rounds against regulations and waits patiently. Like a leopard.

The exploits of NOPD Detective LaStanza can be found in the short story collection LaSTANZA: NEW ORLEANS POLICE STORIES and in the eight novels in the ongoing LaStanza series: GRIM REAPER, THE BIG KISS, BLUE ORLEANS, CRESCENT CITY KILLS, THE BIG SHOW, NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE, THE BLUE NUDE and THE LONG COLD.