maandag 20 augustus 2012

Short stories: the future of Kindle?

Lately my best selling work has been a Noah Milano short story, The Honey Trap. It surprised me at first because I'd heard in the past they don't sell, so you should make novels available on Kindle.
I've always been sure shorter works are best-suited for the Kindle-generation. Fast and furious stories of action and mystery... Those are my strenghts anyway. I've often received the comment my work is great for reading during commutes to work. I decided to bring out several novelettes and I've got a novella coming up.
But the success of The Honey Trap made me put out a new short story: No Dead Body In Sight. It's a ''high-concept'' PI mystery featuring my usual protagonist Noah Milano. Here's the description:
An aging movie star is sure she discovered a dead body on the beach. When the police arrives there's no deady body in sight. She hires Noah Milano, son of a mobster and security specialist to prove she's not crazy. Trying to uncover this mystery Noah soon finds himself in grave danger...
What do all of you think? What's the future of Kindle? Short stories, novellas, novelettes or novels?

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  1. I agree. My Burleigh Drummond short stories sell consistently in the Kindle format. O'Neil De Noux has had phenomenal success with short stories in the Kindle format.

  2. I don't know about short stories, but novellas for a buck seems to be popular. I would combine both novellas and full lenght novels as a career plan, but there seems to be somthing there.

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