vrijdag 16 november 2012

No Reviews?

I'll admit it. I don't know how to promote my books.
I used to review books I like on Amazon, but with the new rule that writers cannot reviews other writer's books, well,  I don't bother anymore. No criticism of Amazon. I would never trash another writer's book to make mine look good or get a better star rating. I don't pay attention to ratings. Maybe I should. I'm always surprised when a reader tells me one of my books is one of Amazon's top mysteries, etc.

I've been writing hard for over twenty-five years with twenty-one books published. I work on honing my craft, on writing better books. I write just about all the time (when I'm not working as a police officer). It drives my wife to distraction, but she supports me all the way. I wish I had time to promote, but to me - writing is everything. Write. Write. Write. And write.

As for reviews, I've gotten some very nice ones. A few days ago, a friend alerted me that my story "The Body in Crooked Bayou" got a bad review. I tried to ignore it, but decided I'd see what it's about. It's on Amazon and the review is NOT ABOUT MY STORY. Apparently, a reviewer did not like a story written by someone named 'Raleigh' and put the review under my story instead of Raleigh's story, giving my story a low rating. I sent an email to Amazon. I mean, come on, if my story earns a bad review, OK. But if you're going to trash a story, list it under the correct story.

I'm sitting here laughing because my friend and mentor Harlan Ellison once told me to ignore reviews, don't comment on them. He was right. Again.

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